Getting Reamed Out.

Hey there Bunnies,20140311-002449.jpg
Well, I gotta tell you, it’s been a long, grim winter and I’ve been craving all things citrus for a few days now. Perhaps it’s an instinctive attempt to ward off scurvy after so little fresh, local produce. Okay, okay, a tad dramatic perhaps….we make good use of frozen and greenhouse-grown local fruit and veg 🙂 but still….
So here’s a kitchen gadget review from The Blue Bunny Blog.
This baby is a reamer. Sounds like something from a B-movie, doesn’t it? Dum-dum-dummmmmmmmm…it’s….THE REAMER….yeah. Dramatic.

Well, I used to struggle with a regular orange juicing gizmo for limes and if you’ve tried that you know it’s a pain in the…fingers…plus there’s juice going all over and I never feel as though I get much juice out. Not so anymore.
The reamer rocks. Spear and twist in your half a lime and let the lime juice flow! I use lime juice in coconut bread, banana bread, cookies and drinks.
I got this reamer at, but most kitchen stores will stock them.
Okay let’s be perfectly honest here bunnies. As I said, it’s been a long winter and most of my lime juice has lately been enjoyed in the form of a Kentucky Mule (thank you East Bay Gourmand)

Drink responsibly, bunnies. A drunken bunny may seem funny, but lopsided hopping is no fun and our heads do not need to be any fuzzier. And I won’t even go into where baby bunnies come from.
‘Till next time, keep hopping on the sunny side of the street. Spring is coming!

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