Dreaming of summer: Takeya iced tea maker.


imageBefore the rain started coming down, we had seen some lovely sunny, spring days and they started me dreaming of lovely, warm summer afternoons, with a large glass of lemon iced tea. Last summer I invested in the Takeya iced tea maker (www.takeyausa.com) and I have not been disappointed! It’s so gorgeously simple: fill the inner mesh chamber with tea bags, fill the jug with hot water and sliced lemon and then attach the mesh chamber to the lid and put the whole lot into the jug. Leave it for a short time and then remove the tea bags. Add sugar or honey if you prefer. It is clean, easy and fast! I highly recommend it. It’s rather on the pricey side, but definitely worth it! If the rain keeps up, I’ll have to make a jug and keep dreaming of summer!

Update:  Use green tea, peach syrup and lemon juice -all to your taste- and you can make peach green tea lemonade!

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