Spring has sprung!

Happy Wednesday, Bunnies!
Spring is off to a crazy start here in the rabbit warren! As if the Easter preparations aren’t busy enough when you’re a Mama Bunny, we’ve had all sorts of other things going on to keep us hopping!

We celebrated a junior bunny birthday in March and as always, the big thing for the little bunnies is choosing the theme for the birthday cake. You just never know what requests you are going to get when the little bunnies make cake requests, and this time was a really fun challenge: little bunny jr. wanted a Plants Vs. Zombies cake! If you are familiar with the zombie-slaying mayhem of PvZ, you know that there are some great characters and a lot of potential for a really fun cake! So I sketched up some ideas and then off I bounced to St. Lawrence Market and my favourite kitchen store, Placewares!
Really?….Any excuse ;).

A pound of fondant icing later and we were good to go! I was pretty thrilled at the results! I’m relatively new to the fondant, and this was a great chance to improve my skills. In the end, the effort was totally worth it and bunny junior was thrilled. I loved the zombies in particular, but was really happy with all of it! For a party, we met up with some of his bunny pals for a screening of the new Muppet Movie; Muppets Most Wanted. It was a fun film and I’ll get a review written up soon!

A couple of days after the birthday bunny-palooza, it was gum surgery time for Mama Bunny. Ugh. I have the unfortunate habit of grinding my teeth (or maybe it’s all the carrots!)and it has led to some gum recession which needed to be dealt with. The solution is called a Connective Tissue Gum Graft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gingival_graft Luckily, my Periodontist is awesome, but it’s a really gross bit of surgery and I was, quite frankly, dreading it. I’d had it done on one side a couple of years ago and now it was time for the other side. So April 1st, in I went. Huh…April Fool’s indeed. It took about an hour to complete the procedure and then a couple of days of no talking, which confused the little bunnies no end! There was about ten days of no smiling and two weeks of soft food. It was pretty uncomfortable for those first few days but overall, the recovery was pretty smooth. The hardest part, once everything is healing nicely, is that you aren’t allowed to look at the surgery site. Augh! How can a curious bunny resist? Well I made it to about day ten before I peeked a little…it was all white and I was a little bit freaked out that the whole kit and caboodle had failed….the next few days were really, reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyy…long.
On the 14th April, I went back for the big reveal and I waited with bated breath for the verdict…..and it was all good-YAY! Phew. Thankfully, it’s the last time I’ll need to have it done, or so they tell me….

While I was laying low for a few days, I finished another very large and very fun knitting project from the wonderful book “Huge and Huggable Mochimochi” by Anna Hrachovec. http://www.amazon.ca/Huge-Huggable-Mochimochi-Supersized-Patterns-ebook/dp/B00CVS2KNE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398901863&sr=8-1&keywords=Huge+and+huggable+mochimochi
Here is Sleepbot 3000!

He is great for a cuddle and we keep the tv remotes in his pocket. It’s a big responsibility, but he’s up to the challenge!

We had more dental thrills in April when little Bunny’s big brother got his braces put on. Poor bunny 😦
Happily, the whole process was pretty painless and thankfully braces have come a long way since this bunny was a teenager.
Then he found out he needed glasses! He was actually quite excited about getting the glasses and luckily for him, having parents who suffered through GHASTLY glasses as little bunnies, we made sure that he got really cool glasses. He had a moment where he looked at me sadly and said “Mummy, am I a big geek now?” Before I could reassure him, one of his friends turned to him and said “Nah, man it’s cool to be a geek! If you’re a geek, it means you’re really smart and that’s awesome!” Yay for friends who can buoy you up like that! Nice one!

So spring rolls on, bunnies. My garden is coming up and the wild restructuring I did last fall seems to be coming in well. I’ll post some photos when it all comes up a bit more. Crocuses are gorgeous and we’re having lots of rain for the flowers and baby plants. The little bunnies are busy taking swimming, dance, doing some school concerts and generally getting into the spring of things after a long, dark, cold winter. More on dancing, planting and movies to come. I’m trying out some neat things with mindfulness with Headspace http://www.headspace.com and I’ll go into that more next time, too.
In the meantime, keep bouncing bunnies!
Happy Spring!

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