“Hello Victoria…or can I call you Vicky?”

Well bunnies, the gang and I got up close and personal with all the best parts of the Victoria Day weekend this year. Or as we tricky Canadians call it, ” The May 2-4″. Don’t be fooled though, it was not on the 24 th of May this year and while it might have involved a 2-4 of beer (or 2) for some, these bunnies kept it saner. After all, as I pointed out after watching Kiefer Sutherland in the latest iteration of 24 in gloriously terrifying HD…we are, none of us, getting any younger!
But I digress….us bunnies? We had ourselves the best long weekend. When it rained, we popped us some corn and snuggled down and watched corny movies (pun most definitely intended!). When the sun came out we did some gardening. Today we saw a magician fold a banana in half and then make it disappear, ate some cotton candy, met some old friends, watched a man juggle machetes from the top of a 10 foot tall unicycle and a bunch of kids juggle and hula hoop fire. We watched some friendly ducks and even a man washing a ferret in Lake Ontario! I saw another man with a St. Bernard dog and just as I told the kids it should have a little cask around its neck, the dog turned and I realised it DID have a little cask around its neck! What a brilliant piece of kismet…this bunny was thrilled to bits and couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it all! Capped it off with a lobster roll and a pint of cider on the harbourfront. All with my three favourite people in the whole wide world. Couldn’t be more grateful for our simple bunny life. We may not have diamond sun bursts or marble halls (thank you Anne of Green
Gables) but what we have, we love a lot. We love, we laugh and we dance like no one’s watching. For this bunny, there’s nothing better than that.
Sleep well, bunnies!

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